Energy bills savings

Energy bills savings

We offer a whole range of energy efficiency tips, provided for residential, small businesses and larger operations.

At the end of the day, this will help you and/or your company cut on expenses and will help reduce the environmental impact of your business, converting it to an eco-friendly one.

Start saving daily, monthly and yearly on your power consumption bills after an Everaey solar panel systems is installed at your residential or business location.

Here's how it works:

Contact Everaey to discuss:As soon as you’re ready to install solar and start saving on your energy bills, contact Everaey and let us know. A customer care consultant will be appointed immediately and will remain your dedicated contact throughout the entire process.
We'll Handle the Paperwork:Everaey will handle all the paperwork for your energy retailer in order to connect your solar to the grid. The most we will need from you is a few signatures.
It's Official:Once your Everaey solar has been installed you'll receive a phone call from us to confirm. Everaey will always be available to answer questions if anything comes up during the installation process until complete and as support afterwards. For more information, please call our customer service team hotline at 0418229410 or email us at

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